Pro staff and other unrelated ramblings.

November 27, 2016

As a business owner in the fishing industry I get plenty of requests for gals guys  that want to be on the “Pro Staff “.  There are many different  ways in which people approach this. I get the letter that I know they sent out to every company in the industry. I also get the personal email from people that already use my rods. This is must say are the letters that get my attention.  If you are sending out mass emails hoping to land on a company that is interested than good luck and way to go.

Personally I would rather use the products that fit me best. For example: I don’t want to use a Crappie rod that has less sensitivity and a weak backbone because they give me a discount and a shirt. I also don’t watch to go with a company that I don’t agree with the way they do business.

I have been approached many times lately and have chosen one and really looking at another and both guys already use ACC Crappie Stix.  To me this really makes a difference.  These guys are authentic when they say they like ACC rods. They aren’t using them because they got lucky and found a good deal. It definitely makes me proud when get a guide or tournament angler that has been using these rods because they feel they are the best fit for them.

I recently got ano inquiry from a gentleman that has been offered a position from another rod company and declined due to the fact he wanted to use ACC. That is the type of people you need on your team.

There is so much clutter and marketing that we must wade through nowadays that it’s difficult to see through the B.S. However, when you find people that are truly satisfied with and enjoy your product than that makes running a business a lot more enjoyable.

I must say that I have met and talked to some of the best customers I could ever imagine. You know who you are, I won’t mention names because I’ll leave someone out. You come from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Missouri and  over this great country.  You fine folks are also my “Pro Staff “. I am great full to have you and will hopefully be able to come down and enjoy your company and learn how to fish the lakes you call home.

I am also thankful that customers understand that running a small business is very tough and demanding. I am currently out of stock on several items and will be able to have a full line up again in March. I have had many customers tell me that they will wait. I love to hear that because I would understand if you went somewhere else. Starting a business from absolutely nothing and building into a trusted name that people choose to spend hard-earned money on is quite the challenge  especially with another job, a family and constantly searching for capital. So please hang in there and I wil, do my absolute best to keep putting a great product out there for my favorite group of people in the world. “Fisherman”.

As many of you know I have also been going through some problems with my back. I mention this because I know how many of you suffer from back pain. I got to where I didn’t even enjoy fishing nearly as much as I should. I definitely was unable to guide and juse didn’t have any ambition to do much. For those of you interested in what I did it’s call “Spinal Stimulation” and the latest and greatest is call “Burst”. IT WORKS! Google it.

As for Crappie fishing I am seeing lots and lots of great catches from all over the country. This is my favorite time of the year hands down. When you’re ready to feel a thump tie on a jig and drop next to anothing old stump and hold on.

Oops just looked at the time. I have to run. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and takes a kid fishing when they have a chance. Take care everyone. Andy.