Fishing with Family.

November 6, 2016

Although I do miss guiding to some extent I definitely enjoy the free time to spend the day on the lake with Family. Yesterday was a prime example .  I took my cousin Joann Gee, my daughter Hayden and my buddy Hank (you should know by now he’s my Yellow Lab).

Being able to spend time with family on the lake is the most rewarding fishing you can do. There is no guilt about that feeling you’re missing out on something or should be spending more time with your herd. My daughter Hayden is not the die hard fishergirl so just getting her in the boat is an accomplishment.  Sometimes she chooses to read the whole time and I’m fine with that, actually better than fishing. But on the days she does decide to get in the boat we generally laugh and argue (over ridiculous topics) so much that we struggle on catching too many fish. However, this is a great time to try to catch up on what goes on inside of a teenage girls mind. Scary stuff I know. We talk about school and dances and grades and even the goofballs of the opposite sex. We’ve decided that she probably will be ready to date in 10-15 years . Well maybe that’s more my idea but we do agree on a few characteristics such as she thinks they should be able to catch their own fish and kill food for the family. That made me proud.

Hayden actually  does have the natural ability  to handle a jigging rod and not get hung up too often so maybe someday she’ll develop a true love for the sport. I won’t hold my breath but maybe a Father/ Daughter Crappie Masters team? That would be awesome. She does prefer jigging to watching the cork and absolutely  loves to cast. We haven’t  had the opportunity of shoot docks yet but I’m guessing she’d  love it.

As far as my cousin Joann goes she was raised fishing and has done lots of deep sea fishing with her Father and brothers. She loves feeling those Crappies thump a jig and tends to get very excited and yank them out and over the boat. We were  a sight to see, Hank trying to sit on my lap, Joann sending Crappie airborne and Hayden laughing at all of it.

This was a short blog as I am worn out and some days it is hard to come up with ideas to write about. As I have said before I am open for suggestions and welcome guest blogs. I would like to hear from other guides, Crappie clubs or anyone with a good story.

Thanks everyone and have a great evening .  Andy.