Helping out.

October 30, 2016

The one thing I really enjoyed about guiding was watching someone learn something new about Crappie fishing. The moment when it clicks and they just get it. There are many people that want to learn how to CATCH Crappie as opposed to going out time after time and just fishing. I have seen this many times and I have gone out of my way to show the right way as opposed to sitting under a bridge seeing how many bites we could get.

Some examples have been showing clients how to set up on a brush pile or how we were catching more fish by simply dropping jig to the bottom and bringing the jig up just a foot. Showing them that sometimes holding a jig as still as possible was key or maybe a slight twitch. One of the coolest lessons is showing clients how they were fully capable of dropping a cork and minnow dead center of a 6′ tall Buck Brush and not getting snagged. The point is that I enjoyed showing anglers how to do a few simple tricks so they could have more fun with their wives or children.

I was on Rend Lake the other day with Hank (you know, my Yellow Lab) and had a pretty productive afternoon. As we were strapping the boat down and getting ready for the road a couple of gentlemen from Indiana walked over and asked how we did. I commented that we had caught 20 good fish and how I caught them. Immediately they gathered around the boat and we talked for 35 minutes. I handed out the jigs I was using and explained how and where I was catching these fish.

On the way home as Hank and I were reflecting on our day we decided that helping out that group of guys was far more rewarding than any or all of those Crappie caught. Yes, sometimes hank and I have long, very deep conversations. He is even partially responsible for some of the best rod designs and a few marketing ideas.

So, the next time your on the lake catching your share of Gods gift take a few minutes and go help out someone who desperately wants to be doing the same thing.  I believe you will most likely be more rewarded from being a gracious help than from the fish you were catching. Thank everyone for reading, have fun and remember to take a kid fishing. I know I will be in a couple of hours. Andy Lehman.