Thank you very much!

September 15, 2016

This has been a roller coaster ride. I truly appreciate all the patience all of my faithful customer have shown. Finally got my website up and running. That always seems to be trouble for me. I guess I’m better at fishing and coming up with a good idea for a fishing rod than I am at computers. Feel free to move around and check out the site. There are a couple of really cool features. One of my favorite pages is the “Dealers” page it has a map on it with the retail stores that carry ACC rods. This is going to be a short blog because I am beat! Been working on this site for several days and shipping lots of orders, so it is time to relax (and help daughter with homework). I do really appreciate everyone’s support, without you there isn’t much of a business. I will try to work on keeping in stock the rods that sell the best and make sure we have what you need to stay on the water. Take care and always remember to take a kid fishing. Andy.