An Introduction By Andy

July 11, 2016

Engineered thru the passion of fishing. designed to be light, sensitive and strong. The difference is amazing.  Since I began enjoying the outdoors I knew opportunity existed for improvement in the Crappie rod market. For many years I struggled over designs and ideas and now I believe we have the best Crappie rod on the market.

Sunrise to sunset. Have you ever fished from sunrise to sunset? I’m sure many of you have. I know it is a long day on the water and having great equipment definitely helps. Do you live to trick a 2lb Crappie into biting your jig from the side of an old stump as the sun comes up across the lake? Do you enjoy heading across the glass like water with a full live well as the sun goes down? These are the things that I constantly think about. Is there anything better than watching your kids (or neighbors kids) smile and laugh with excitement as they sloppily pull a nice Crappie over the side of the boat? Those are the reasons I kept moving forward and perfecting the Crappie rod. Why would you not want to use the best in those situations? I’m just amazed and honored to be able to contribute to people and families that enjoy the same things I enjoy. ~ Andy Lehman.