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2018 What are you going to do?

December 28, 2017

  I’m not a fan of resolutions at all. You should not have to wait for a new year to do something important. But here we are, so let’s talk about what your plans are for 2018. I hope I take more steps to grow ACC Crappie Stix. I have made mistakes (imagine that) and…read more

Merry Christmas!!!

December 17, 2017

  I just wanted to tell you all how insanely fortunate and grateful I am to have you all as friends and customers. I have started this business from nothing and after years of grinding away I have reached a point that I can be proud of. Don’t mistake me, I still have so much…read more


December 10, 2017

  Hey you. Yeah, you. Don’t give up yet and don’t winterize your boat! This can be the best time of year for the big Crappie to stack up on stump rows and brush piles. Generally speaking, we don’t catch a lot of small fish this time of year. During the summer the same spots…read more