Category: Crappie Fishing Rods

All alone?

December 2, 2017

  I have a few very good fishing buddies. OK, maybe three — aside from my beloved crappie fishing rods. It is not easy to find someone you can spend eight hours in a boat with, much less multiple days on a fishing trip. I used to love going it alone. I have always had…read more

Kentucky Lake

November 16, 2017

  One day in late fall is not a whole lot of time. I tried to figure out a monster bay on Kentucky Lake known as Blood River in just one day. I did pretty good I believe, thanks to some helpful tips, tricks, and my ACC Crappie Stix fishing rods. Once you figure out…read more

Lake of the Ozarks

November 15, 2017

  After we left Truman (I’m going back), we headed to Lake of the Ozarks to fish with a buddy (pro staffer) that loves to shoot docks on LOZ. Luckily for him, he is on the right lake. I doubt he will get bored anytime soon. I believe they have some 25,000 docks to choose…read more