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Stop, look, listen.

November 16, 2018

Stop, look, and listen to the Crappie 11/11/2018 0 Comments Presentation, presentation, presentation. When , where and how do I decide? Which technique will be the most productive today when I get on the water. Vertical jig or drop shot(personal favorites) flipping the slip cork, casting(my least favorite),spider rigging, long lining. The answer to which…read more

The old man on the bank.

November 13, 2018

Many boat fisherman like to snub their noses at the guy fishing from the bank for some reason. In reality a lot of those guys have caught more Crappie from a boat than most of us ever will. They may just not feel like dragging the boat to the lake every day or maybe it…read more

Made in China but………

October 27, 2018

Yes, ACC Crappie Stix are made in China. My daughter and I recently returned home from a trip to China to see our factories. No sweat shops, no children working in them, no horrid conditions just a group of good people trying to climb the rung from poverty to middle class via hard work. Jut…read more