Fooled By Randomness

  I find some things very interesting about fishing in general. Whether it be bass fishing or catching crappie, it seems every tournament is won using a “secret” bait. The only problem is that every single win comes from different secret baits. The top five finishes in each tournament were using probably five different colors…read more

Truman Lake Adventure

  I finally had the chance to get away for some rest and relaxation. That usually means a Crappie fishing trip with my favorite Crappie fishing rods. So, since me and my buddy Pat have never been to Truman Lake and grew tired of seeing all the pics of HAWGS coming out of the timber,…read more

Why Do You Crappie Fish?

  That’s a great question. Why do you Crappie fish? I know when I started, it was the pure excitement of being able to fool a Crappie into slamming my jig. I started many years ago in an old jon boat with no electronics so we fished Buck Brush in the spring and visible stumps…read more