Tip section for the 12′ Jigging/Trolling rod.


The 12-ft replacement trolling pole tip from ACC Crappie Stix will help you fish harder.

  • Fish harder and better with a 12-ft replacement tip section for our Green Series Crappie trolling poles.
  • Revamp your signature 12-ft trolling pole with a brand new replacement tip.
  • You can email crappieguy1@hotmail.com to get info on our replacement trolling pole tip sections.


The Crappie trolling pole tips from ACC Crappie Stix are built to withstand even the biggest catches. But sometimes you’ll come across a snap, whether your four-legged fishing buddy accidentally sat on it or if you came across a heavy duty snag. But don’t worry, you can always come to ACC Crappie Stix to get a replacement trolling pole tip section. We’ll get you back on the water in no time. Get your 12-ft replacement trolling pole tip today.


  • Green Series tip
  • For 12-ft rods