Tip section for the 8-ft casting rod


The replacement trolling pole tip for our 8-ft casting rod will help you get back on the water.

  • This replacement tip is built for our most popular Crappie trolling pole.
  • Get a versatile replacement trolling pole tip that fits the standard 8-ft mid seat Green Series rods.
  • If you had a snap or a snag, replace your tip easily and quickly.


The Crappie trolling pole tips from ACC Crappie Stix are lightweight, yet durable enough to haul in the big ones. Still, we know that sometimes you’ll come across a snap, whether your four-legged fishing buddy accidentally sat on your trolling pole, or if you came across a heavy duty snag in the water. But don’t worry, you can always come to ACC Crappie Stix to get a replacement trolling pole tip section. Get your 8-ft replacement trolling pole tip for our most popular trolling pole, and we’ll get you back on the water in no time.


  • 8-ft replacement tip
  • Fits Green Series rods