Tip section for the 14′ Trolling rod


Get reliable replacement trolling pole tip for your 14-ft Green Series rod here.

  • We offer different sections of trolling pole tips for our 14-ft foot Crappie rods.
  • Revamp your signature 14-ft Green Series trolling pole with a brand new replacement tip.
  • You can email crappieguy1@hotmail.com to get more info on our replacement trolling pole tips.


At ACC Crappie Stix, we understand that things happen. And while all of our Crappie trolling poles are built to withstand even the biggest of catches, sometimes you’ll come across a snap. Whether it was an accidental snap or otherwise, don’t fret. You can get a replacement trolling pole tip section here, only at ACC Crappie Stix. We’ll get you back on the water in no time. Get your 14-ft replacement tip today.


  • Green Series tip
  • For 14-ft rods