5’6″ 2 piece dock shooter


Fish harder with the sturdy 5’6” two-piece Crappie fishing rod.

  • This two-piece crappie fishing rod is just as strong (or stronger) than one pieces.
  • Two pieces allow for easy replacement in the event of a rod break on the dock.
  • Our green series rods are sturdy and stylish.
  • This dock shooter can pull in fish over 1.5 pounds.

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If you’re looking to pull in some fish while relaxing on the dock, and who isn’t, then this two-piece 5’6” dock shooter is the crappie fishing rod for you. Part of the ACC Crappie Stix Green Series line of rods, this shooter is lightweight (coming in at a whopping three ounces) but durable, and the easy to assemble two-piece design makes it more efficient to replace in the event of a snap. Don’t worry though, this crappie rod is built to last and can easily haul in fish over 1.5 pounds. Feel even the lightest of bites and don’t miss your catch ever again, only with ACC Crappie Sticks.


  • Weight: 3 oz.
  • High grade graphite
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Grade AAA cork handle