Not really my thing.

October 16, 2017

“Not really my thing” that is what I used to say when someone asked me about spider rigging or trolling. I grew up setting the hook and feeling the thump of those monster Crappie. However as I have learned more and expanded my horizons I have realized it is a very technical way to fish. I used to think it was dummy fishing and I never had any intention of giving it a fair shake. Once I began getting more serious about really learning all I could about the art and science of Crappie fishing I realized it is a very valuable tool to add to my arsenal. I can’t count the times it has saved an early Spring trip or helped us out when they fish just weren’t relating to any cover whatsoever.

The set it up is like a science experiment I believe. You set the rods out and make sure you are using the right weights, the right depth, moving at the right speed, using the right baits (usually minnows) and start paying attention to the lightest shake of the rod tip. These 14 and 16′ ACC Crappie Stix have an amazing tip that has been scrutinized by the likes of Jackie and Holly Linton, Jonathan and Alicia Phillips and several other guides and tournament fisherman. We have worked for years to get these rods right.

Getting back to why you should spider rig. As I said before I I love to feel the thump but I started to feel like I had leaned how to use a jigging rod and catch fish out of stake beds, brush piles and stump rows. I felt like it was time to try and expand my horizons and learn something new. It is an amazing technique and will flat put fish in the boat when times get tough. Scattered, suspended, spooky fish are easily tricked by an entire school of minnows swimming by while attached to a 16′ trolling rod. There are also some lakes that are just set up to troll and very difficult to catch good Crappie while single polling. You simply wont do nearly as good in Mississippi and other states without mastering new ways to fish.

So before you completely rule out this amazing way to fish give it a fair shake and I truly think you will become a fan at least in certain situations. It’s also a great way to fish for those like me with a bad back as you get to sit down with your hands in your pockets on those cold Winter days. Hope you give it a shot and let us know how you liked it. Check us out on facebook @ ACC Crappie Stix. Thanks everyone and remember to take those kids fishing.