What are you paying for?

March 12, 2017

My “Pro Staffers” may not like to hear this but they are already aware. I am in business to produce an extremely high quality crappie rod. It will be the best rod on the market and it will be affordable. One of the reasons is because of where the money goes. When you buy a rod from ACC Crappie Stix you are buying quality graphite and that’s it! You are not paying for tournament anglers to have extra gas money, free hotel rooms, free rods, free bait, free anything.

I am not bashing any other businesses at all. I just can’t give rods to every Crappie Club in the country and pay for tournament fees and also keep my costs down. When a companies overhead gets too high  they are unable to produce top quality at a price that is competitive. I would guess that some companies are quadrupling the price of a rod due to high overhead. So when you buy a $50 rod guess what you’re getting?

I do have several very good “Pro Staffers” and I really try to take care of them and will do more for them as we grow together as a business. I have some good friends that have been with me from the very beginning and the others liked the rods before they even contacted me. I am truly grateful for the amount of publicity and all the great input I have gotten from all of my amazing team of anglers.

The next order of rods will (HOPEFULLY) be available in June. I strongly apologize for the long wait and hope everyone is satisfied with the rods they already own. I have a couple of new surprises coming out and really believe they will change the Crappie rod industry. I will let the cat out of the bag when the arrival of the shipment gets closer. I have tried different options with other factories and thought I could save some on costs but quickly realized I have a great product and a manufacturer that puts out a quality that I don’t see or feel in other rods. So I am willing to pay more for my reputation and the ability to grow based on quality and not spend the money I would save on having to market the rods as much.

We are also coming out with a 5’6″ Dock Shooter that will have enough backbone to pull a slab from the back of a long dock. I have put lots (just ask my wife) of hours into the development of this rod in the hope most fisherman will enjoy using it all day long.

Thanks for reading, I know it’s been a strange Winter/ Spring and I am looking forward to fishing the Buck Brush on Rend Lake for the first year as not guiding in a long time. I will be fishing new places with nasty bushes looking for big Crappie only. I will however miss the longtime friends I have made along the way. Take care everyone and remember to take those kids fishing. Andy Lehman.