Jump off the cliff.

December 4, 2016

Do not be afraid to jump. Most people are very afraid to fail and take that leap. If we let ourselves become paralyzed by fear we would never accomplish anything. I have failed many times and had I let that define me than ACC Crappie Stix would not exist .  Most people have great ideas but continue to talk and talk and talk about it. They are waiting for the perfect time to act. By the time you wait for a perfect design, read more books, wait for more money, ask your friends and family what you should do the time has passed.

Yes you should definitely prepare and get things in order but eventually you have to take that leap and make it happen. I continually read business and entrepreneurial books and try to learn more about how to best run a business ,  however I also decided to just start a company and made many mistakes along the way. We all fail. It doesn’t make me lose sleep at night and I know I can bounce back.

There is nothing more rewarding than running your own business. Unfortunately ,  kids are not taught this in school. We were taught to make good grades, get a job and borrow our way into massive debt. The American Dream right? It doesn’t have to work like that. I will die trying to get out of my 40hr/ week depressing, mindless job so I can be my own boss and steer my own ship. You wil never be wealthy or happy going to work in a factory or sitting in a cubicle all day. It doesn’t work like that.

90% of millionaires in this country are small business owners. I love that statistic. Lots and lots of businesses fail however and I’m hoping I won’t be one of those that do. If I do fail I will pick myself up dust off a bit and try again (driving my wife crazy in the meantime) and again till I figure out the formula.

If you enjoy what you do than you will be happy. Living for 2 days off a week is not how I want to spend my one time around on the planet. Look around find someone who has done this and ask them questions. Keep going until you have the answers and move forward. Read as many books as you can get your hands on. Listen to podcasts on business or improving the way you think. Hang out with the right group of people. Hanging out with bums will never get you out of a bad situation.  Stop blaming other people, the economy or your family. You are solely responsible for your happiness or lack there of. Stay positive, keep grinding and find something you enjoy and start a business .  There’s a good chance your going to fail but so what. Who cares? Atleast you were one of the ones who dared to stick their neck out.

It’s funny how the people that never try anything are the first to criticize those of us who are willing to get dirty. They are the ones afraid to fail and get laughed at. There are many millionaires that have lost tons of money and failed at their business .  They didn’t stop though, they plowed forward and finally made it. There are no overnight success stories either. It took Apple and Steve Jobs 20 years to get to where they wanted to be. He failed many times and was even fired from the business he started. Imagine that.

So I guess my point is don’t give up and think you have to live in a factory or shitty job forever. You can get out of that lifestyle and hopefully I can too. It’s far better to try and fail miserably that  to never even try.  That’s all I have for today so be careful out there and remember to take a kid fishing. Andy.