GS12M 12′ Trolling/ Jigging rods.


Looking for a beast of a trolling pole? Look no further.

  • This 12-foot trolling pole can haul monster crappie from heavy cover quickly.
  • The ultra-sensitive tips feel every nibble, and the durable rod has the durability to yank in the big one.
  • The 12-foot Green Series trolling pole can handle 3-oz. Weights and two crank baits.


Get the 12-foot  ACC Crappie Stix trolling and jigging pole and get a certified beast that will change the way you fish. Are you angling in thick lily pads or buck proosh? Trying to stay clear of that stump row? This bad boy can do that. With our unmistakable green series, you get a unique trolling pole capable of yanking monster crappie from heavy cover quickly, and you can also push up to two cranks. Fish harder with the ultra sensitive yet strong trolling poles from ACC Crappie Stix.


  • Weight: 6.7 oz.
  • Two pieces
  • Foam handle