Kentucky Lake.

One day in late Fall is not a whole lot of time. I tried to figure out a monster bay on Ky. Lake known as Blood River in just one day. I did pretty good I believe. Once you figure out a few key secrets you can anywhere and find cover to fish. I started at the back of the bay. Let’s say it has 2 sections, the front and the back. The front is the section that meets the main river. The back is where it makes a dog leg and has a bend in it. So, I started in the back close to the ramp. The first thing I did was notice a defined channel that made many bends and curves. I went straight to these obvious fish holding areas and began scanning the inside and outside of these bends. The channel was only a couple of feet deeper in places but make no mistake that is all it takes to attract Crappie. Once I started marking cover whether it was stumps, stake beds or brush piles I would grab a marker buoy and go to work. Some folks may say to mark many pieces of cover first but I am rather impatient and have been in the truck for over 2 hrs so I’m ready to feel a thump. I always use a 3/16 ounce pink head and usually a big bait. When I know I will be fishing pretty much the same depth from one minute to the next I will use a 2 rods so I can cover more water and try 2 different colors out at the same time. If you are fishing gnarly cover and big depth changes 2 rods can be more trouble than it is worth.

So once I dropped my jig in the first brush pile I immediately got bit. Great way to start right? Decent fish, kept fishing and caught a few more. Although there are fish on this pile I have work to do. Remember I have many acres to cover today so unless it’s loaded with monsters I won’t stay on a piece of cover too long.

I kept marking and fishing cover on these channel bends and catching fish. I stayed in 11-14′ of water. Now I decide to see what the front of the bay has in store for me. This section of the bay wasn’t as easy to mark the channel it was basically 2 monster flats that dropped off on all sides and more steep to the south. I would find cover in 8 feet and there was no bait activity at all so I just kept moving. As the day went on I realized either the fish weren’t relating to the mouth of the bay or I wasn’t finding them which I am sure was the case. So after a couple of unfruitful hrs I went back to where I started and marked a few more stake beds in the right depth zone and started catching fish again. Well, by this time it was starting to get late and I needed to hunker down and get more bites before I went home so I went back over the spots I had caught fish earlier in the day. After it was all said and done I had around 20 decent fish and had found and marked 25 or so pieces of cover. Not too bad for a days work on a new body of water. Always start by looking for depth changes this time of year and you will find the fish. Thanks for reading and take those kids fishing. Andy.